Cybersecurity Products

SKT Cyber Security is a certified partner of several logic security product vendors operating internationally. In any case our approach is strongly oriented on customer requirement, and thus supra-vendor.

Perimeter Defense
Design, installation and configuration of Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems including all the solutions required to defend the digital perimeter (firewall, VPN, flow-based antivirus, anti-spam, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, content filtering and category filtering);

Secure Network Architecture & Design
Design of local and wide area networks with emphasis on security issues;

Wireless security
Design, installation and configuration of secure wireless networks using the 802.11 (WiFi) and WiMax standards;

Secure Builds and Host Hardening
Installation and configuration of systems in secure modes;

Storage Solutions
Design, installation and configuration of reliable and secure data storage systems, with local or wide area redundancy as well as backup and recovery systems;

Partner and Third Party Integration
Support for the integration of third party security systems;

VoIP security
Securing of Voice over IP infrastructures through network level control systems (H.323 or SIP compliance) or call encryption;

Directory Services
Design, installation and configuration of centralised directory systems based on LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory or Unix Netscape/OpenLDAP);

Authorization and Access Control
Authentication systems for access to VPN or Web-based systems using SSL (strong authentication);

Monitoring and Logging
Design, installation and configuration of service monitoring and log filing systems;

Cloud Computing security
Design and configuration of security systems for the protection of public, private and/or hybrid cloud computing infrastructures;