Penetration Test

We are a cybersecurity company highly specialised in the provision of penetration test services.
Don't be the next victim and rely on our Penetration Test and Ethical Hacking services.

Every 5 seconds, somewhere in the world a website is compromised by Hackers.
During 2012, 80% of Italian banks has experienced fraudulent cyber-attacks, and we expect the trend will grow, thanks to the success of the Web 2.0.
50% of the cyber-attacks is from internal staff members or former employees. This results in big money losses, as well as in an excessive increase of the risks of data theft and of company service disruption.

Le nostre metodologie di analisi si allineano alle linee guide presenti nelle direttive OSSTMM e OWASP riconosciute a livello mondiale.

The analysis provided by the services usually includes the following stages:

  • Black Box (our technicians are not provided with any information about the targets): it simulates a typical attack from the outside.
  • White Box (some data are provided by the customer): it simulates a typical attack from the inside.
  • Easily understandable report, illustrating in detail the vulnerabilities we have found, complete with proof screenshots.

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