Infrastructure security

Our services aimed at ensuring the security of the local and wide area network, of the perimeter extended by the virtual private network (VPN) and of the systems on which the applications are implemented

Perimeter Defense
Design, installation and configuration of Unified Threat Management (UTM) systems including all the solutions required to defend the digital perimeter (firewall, VPN, flow-based antivirus, anti-spam, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, content filtering and category filtering);

Secure Network Architecture & Design
Design of local and wide area networks with emphasis on security issues;

Wireless security
Design, installation and configuration of secure wireless networks using the 802.11 (WiFi) and WiMax standards;

Secure Builds and Host Hardening
Installation and configuration of systems in secure modes;

Storage Solutions
Design, installation and configuration of reliable and secure data storage systems, with local or wide area redundancy as well as backup and recovery systems;

Partner and Third Party Integration
Support for the integration of third party security systems

VoIP security
Securing of Voice over IP infrastructures through network level control systems (H.323 or SIP compliance) or call encryption;

Directory Services
Design, installation and configuration of centralised directory systems based on LDAP (Microsoft Active Directory or Unix Netscape/OpenLDAP);

Authorization and Access Control
Authentication systems for access to VPN or Web-based systems using SSL (strong authentication);

Monitoring and Logging
Design, installation and configuration of service monitoring and log filing systems;

Cloud Computing security
Design and configuration of security systems for the protection of public, private and/or hybrid cloud computing infrastructures;